Ford’s sales flat in 2014 amid F-150 roll-out

Ford’s sales flat in 2014 amid F-150 roll-out

David Muller | dmuller@mlive.comBy David Muller | 
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on January 05, 2015 at 9:57 AM, updated January 05, 2015 at 10:56 AM

DETROIT, MI – Ford Motor Co. sold 2,480,942 units in 2014, representing a 0.5 percent decline from 2013 as the Dearborn automaker said it took an expected hit from the roll-out of an all-new, 2015 F-150 pickup.

Ford temporarily halted production as it retooled facilities to build its first mass-produced, aluminum-bodied truck.

It was a gambit of which the results are not likely to be fully revealed until well into this year, as the new F-150 began hitting dealerships only last month. The F-Series truck has been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for the past 33 years, and has been the best-selling truck in the states for 38 years straight.

While Ford’s sales totals were flat for 2014, it still marked the company’s best year since 2005, the automaker said Monday.

“Fusion and Escape posted record years, and our newest products – including Mustang and Transit and Lincolns – are attracting strong customer demand,” John Felice, Ford vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service, said in a release. “Demand for the all-new F-150 also is very high, and it now is the fastest-turning vehicle in Ford showrooms, averaging just five days on dealer lots in December.”

Meanwhile, sales in December edged up 1 percent to 220,671 units.

A closer look at totals for December and for all of 2014 reveals which models sold well, and which ones struggled:

Ford cars

In December, sales of Ford brand cars were off by 1.1 percent to 56,994 units.
Strong sales of the 2015 Mustang, which jumped 66.1 percent to 9,511 units, were offset in part by declines of 16.8 percent to 3,724 units for the Fiesta, of 4.4 percent to 14,883 units for the Focus and of 3.3 percent to 1,962 units for the C-MAX. Sales of the Fusion fell 5.1 percent to 23,166 units.

On the year, sales of Ford cars fell 3.9 percent to 762,545 units. Sales of the Fiesta dropped 11.1 percent to 63,192 units, the Focus decreased 6.4 percent to 219,634 units and the C-MAX slid 21.6 percent to 27,595 units. The Fusions’s sales grew 3.9 percent to 306,860 units on the year, while Mustang sales were up 7.1 percent to 82,635 units.

Ford utilities

Sales of Ford utilities were off by 3.5 percent to 58,032 units in December. Rises of 4.7 percent for the Escape (25,603 units) and of 6.2 percent for the Explorer (16,632 units) were not enough to offset a 34.3 percent drop in Edge sales to 7,940 units. Sales of the Flex fell 24.9 percent to 1,786 units. Sales of the Expedition declined 2.0 percent to 4,239 units.

On the year, Ford utilities sales were up 1.7 percent to 693,524 units, driven by a 16.4 percent rise in Expedition sales to 44,632 units. Sales of the Edge fell 15.7 percent to 108,864 units on the year. Explorer sales rose 6.2 percent to 189,339 units.

Ford Trucks

For Ford trucks, sales rose 4.0 percent to 95,955 units. Sales of the F-Series were flat at 74,355, while sales of the Transit Connect grew 32.3 percent to 5,012, and were partially offset by an 11.2 percent decline in heavy trucks sales to 1,302 units.

For all of 2014, Ford truck sales were flat at 930,399 units. Sales of the F-Series were off by 1.3 percent to 753,851 units, while sales of the E-Series fell 17.6 percent to 103,263 units. Transit Connect sales grew 8.8 percent to 43,210 units. Heavy truck sales rose 10.9 percent 9,627.


Sales of Lincoln cars in December fell 8.6 percent to 3,563 units, as the MKZ declined 6.6 percent to 2,636 units and the MKS fell 13.7 percent to 927 units.

On the year, the two Lincoln model cars were collectively off by 2.3 percent to 42,169 units.

For Lincoln utilities, sales jumped 49.9 percent in December to 6,127 units, as Navigator sale climbed 90.2 percent to 1,792 units, offsetting declines for both the MKX and MKX.

On the year, Lincoln utilities sales were up 35.7 percent to 52,305 units, with a 21.1 percent rise in Navigator sales to 10,433 units offsetting a drop of 20.2 percent in MKT sales to 4,800 units.

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